Little Tikes Monster Truck Review

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The Little Tikes Monster Truck is one of our son's favorites. The green truck with big wheels is a beast compared to some of the other toys. One of the problems with this and other truck toys is that he is still working on the pronunciation of "tr". His "tr" sounds more like "f" so his version of the word truck often sounds like a bad word.

little tikes monster truck toy

Editorial Review

It's big. It's fast. And yes, with a few well-placed pieces of plywood and a little imagination, the Monster Truck could probably do some of those cool jumps you see at the truck shows. (You'll have to give it a hefty push and provide the sound effects, of course.) Made of heavy-duty plastic, it's safe for little ones but durable enough to handle the rough play older kids will dish out. The sleek design and bright colors (neon-green and purple) give it a sporty look that even older kids will find appealing. The Monster Truck is 9 inches tall (with its oversized wheels accounting for 4 of those inches) and 13 inches long. --Elisabeth Fredrickson

From the Manufacturer - Little Tikes

This chunky design gives children a substantial vehicle to grasp and push using the muscles in their whole body. Help children learn how to use auditory skills to attend and follow directions by playing the classic game of "Simon Says." For instance, "Simon Says push the truck backwards." "Simon says drive the truck up the hill." Children can learn the motions ands words go/stop, up/down, and push/pull through rugged truck play.