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I've always enjoyed boats. Both sets of grandparents had them when I was a kid so you could say I was around the water quite a bit. One of the reasons people enjoy posters and prings featuring motor boats, sailboats, yachts and ships is that there is something very calming and peaceful about the sea. Anyone who has been around the ocean a lot knows what I'm talking about. Yes, the ocean can be deadly but it can also be very peaceful and soothing.

Toy Boat Posters and Art Prints

Carol Fitzsimmons has some nice sailboat posters. Here Serenity and Grand Bahama Sailboat prints are especially nice.

I still remember playing with plastic boats in the bath tub as a kid. I had all kinds of different boats, big and small. We also used to take them to nearby Eaton Canyon and play with the boats in the creek. When we didn't bring our toy boats we would make toy rafts out of twigs and branches.

One of my favorite boat trips as a kid was going to Catalina Island off the coast of Southern California. There are some nice Catalina posters available on the Catalina Island Photos and Posters page. I've taken the Catalina Express over to the island. It leaves from both San Pedro and Long Beach to Avalon and it takes about an hour. We also used to go with our grandparents on their sailboat. They had a nice boat, it was almost 50 feet long. Even though the sails worked fine we often used the engine to get to and from Catalina. Most of the time we stayed in Avalon but we did anchor at Two Harbors on the East Side of Catalina on one of the trips.

Toy Boat Portraits and Toy Boat Posters and Art Prints