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When I think about toys I think about stuffed animals. Everyone has seen famous posters of teddy bears. Some adults I know still sleep with a teddy bear to this day. Stuffed Animals and art go hand in hand. Maybe it is because we all try to win stuffed animals at carnivals. Perhaps it is because religious folks often say the good night prayers while holding a stuffed animal. Maybe it is because we sleep with stuffed animals.

Toy Stuffed Animals Posters and Art Prints

When my wife and I first started dating I used to give her a lot of stuffed animals. Part of it was because it was easy for me to win them at Circus Circus or Ex Calibur in Vegas. I also used to get good deals on them when I worked at Bullocks. Now that we have kids it is interesting because she still has some stuffed animals in her room. They are also in the kids' rooms and in the back room. Luckily the kids don't get possesive of the stuffed animals the way they do with other toys.

Toy Stuffed Animals Portraits and Toy Stuffed Animals Posters and Art Prints